2022 Christmas Dinner & Observance

Brethren, family, and friends assembled for the Christmas Dinner and Program in the Dining Hall on Dec 12th planned by our Consistory Officers.

Bro. Mike Swindle welcomed everyone to dinner followed by the opening prayer by Bro. Colin Miller.

After a wonderful dinner, all remained in the dining hall for the night’s program.

Ill Brad Phillips 33° welcomed everyone to our Christmas Program and gave a short presentation on the Scottish Rite for our visitors. He then presented Bro. Bobby Johnson with his Scottish Rite Patent, 2023 dues card, and a challenge coin for attending his first meeting. Bro Phillips also presented first time challenge coins to Bro Howard Clark and Bro Ricky Johnson.

Bro Jon Walter and Bro Darrell Gifford gave readings for the Candle lighting ceremony. The following family groups lit candles:

Hope – John Stowers family
Peace – Brad Phillips family
Joy – Bobby Johnson family
Love – Sam Camp family

Bro Ross Rainwater lead everyone in singing 2 verses of Silent Night and Bro Colin Miller gave the closing prayer and an update on our Homeless Veterans Program for the year. Our valley has given approximately $1,000 in food and supplies to the Veterans Assistance Office this year. They are always very appreciative of our donations.

Bro Randy Gilless, as Santa, gave gifts to all children present and selected brethren, and several took pictures with Santa.

The night ended with Bro. John Warnock and Bro Darrell Gifford leading everyone in Christmas games for prizes.

Thank you to Bro Jerald Burns who took photographs throughout the night.