Knights of St Andrew

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The Knights of St Andrew (Established 2015)

The Knights of St Andrew consist of a unit of dedicated Scottish Rite Masons. Membership is by invitation only, is limited to thirty-two members, and members must be 32° (black hat) Masons.

The Knights of St Andrew is a service organization, and is under the immediate supervision of the Secretary of the Valley of Jonesboro. They provide services such as providing escorts for dignitaries, working at special events, serving in the dining room, assisting the Scottish Rite degree work and its support teams, and presenting the colors at the opening of meetings.

The KSA meets on the 2nd Monday of each month, immediately after the Lodge of Perfection meeting.


Knight Office (2023)
Darran Cloud Preceptor
Randy Gilless * Senior Warden
Weldon Denton Junior Warden
Barry Rudd Treasurer
Randy Gilless * Secretary
Jim Fraser Senior Deacon
Ray Matthew Junior Deacon
Frank Kish Chaplain
Robert Rainwater Sentinel

Emeritus Members

Name Year
Curtis Pace * 2019
Jon Walter * 2019
Colin Miller * 2021
Ross Rainwater * 2021
Mike Swindle * 2021

Past Preceptors

Preceptor Years
Michael Swindle * 2015 – 2017
Jon Walter * 2018
Ross Rainwater * 2019
Colin Miller * 2020 – 2021
John Stowers 2022

* Charter Member