Anniversary Banquet – June 12, 2023

The Eastern Arkansas Scottish Rite Bodies celebrated their 49th Anniversary at our meeting on June 12th with a huge crowd of 90 brethren, family, friends, scholarship awardees, and 50-year members. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Bro Jon Walter 32° KCCH delivered a presentation on the history of the Eastern Arkansas Bodies for our anniversary celebration.

This year, we were able to award four college scholarships worth $500 – three from the Valley and one from the Knights of St Andrew. Two of those students were able to attend and were recognized.

  • Nona Saulnier (Highland H.S.) – KSA Scholarship
  • Ethan Simmons (Tuckerman H.S.)

The following scholarship awardees were not able to attend

  • Kiersten Gardner (Marmaduke H.S.)
  • Makenzie Pitts (Academies of West Memphis)

We also had the honor of presenting 50-year pins and certificates to the following brothers.

  • Bro David Cavitt, 32°
  • Bro Jack Gathright, 32°
  • Ill. Jerry Miley, 33°
  • Bro Joe Wofford, 32° KCCH

The following 50 year members were not able to attend

  • Bro Lannie Lancaster, 32°
  • Bro Robert May, 32°
  • Bro Paul Myatt, 32° KCCH
  • Bro Richard Palmer 32°

Thank you, brothers, for being faithful members of our fraternity.

In addition, Ill. Jerry Miley 33° and Ill. Dale Miley 33° were recognized and presented 50 year Senior DeMolay pins.

One of our newest members, Bro David Johnson 32°, was recognized, welcomed to the Bodies, and presented his patent.