July 11th Stated Meeting Pictures

This is our group (minus Jerald Burns and Kyle Rowe who were taking pictures). We forgot to take pictures of our newly installed officers from the night, but they were:

Lodge of Perfection
Brent Davis – Expert (2nd from left – back row)
Sam Camp – Asst Expert (4th from left – back row)

Chapter of Rose Croix
Darran Cloud – Senior Warden (far left – front row)
Ray Matthew – Junior Warden (far right – front row)

Council of Kadosh
Jim Fraser – 1st Lt Commander (3rd from left – front row)

Weldon Denton – Prior (2nd from right – back row)

These five brothers were awarded Orient of Arkansas Challenge Coins for attending their first stated meeting.

From Left:
Bro. Brent Davis – received 32° at the May state-wide reunion
Bro. Frank Kish – affiliated tonight
Bro. Sam Camp – received 32° at the May state-wide reunion
Bro. Ray Matthew 32° KSA – affiliated May 9th (actually his 3rd meeting, we just missed him)
Bo. Ray Phillips 32° – affiliated in Mar 11, 2013

Ill. Brad Phillips 33° presented Bro. Brent Davis and Bro. Sam Camp with their Scottish Rite patents.

Ill. Brad Phillips 33° appointed and installed Bro. Brandon Stevens and Bro. Ray Phillips as our new Ambassadors for the Valley of Jonesboro.