Officer Installation – January 9, 2023

Officer Installation

Officers for the Eastern Arkansas Scottish Rite Bodies were installed by our Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Ill. C. James Graham 33° at our stated meeting on January 9th.

Other officers attending from the Orient of Arkansas were Ill. Larry Berry 33° GC and Mitch Hensley 32° KCCH.

Newly installed officers were:

Valley Officers

Treasurer – Mike Swindle 32° KCCH
Director of Work – Kyle Rowe 32° KCCH

Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master – Colin Miller 32° KCCH
Senior Warden – Ross Rainwater 32° KCCH
Orator – Jon Hill 32°
Captain of the Host – Kyle Gammon 32° KSA
Tyler – Bobby Johnson 32°


Master of Kadosh – Weldon Denton 32° KSA
Prior – Randy Gilless 32° KSA
Preceptor – Barry Rudd 32° KSA

The entire 2023 Officer roster is available here >>

L-R: Colin Miller, Weldon Denton, and Mitch Hensley

L-R: James Graham and Larry Berry

L-R: Mike Swindle, Barry Rudd, Randy Gilless, Ross Rainwater, Kyle Gammon, Kyle Rowe, Bobby Johnson, and Jon Hill

L-R: James Graham and Jon Walter


Our Personal Representative to the SGIG, Ill. Brad Phillips 33° presented Past Master Jewels to our outgoing Venerable Master Kyle Rowe 32° KCCH and outgoing Master of Kadosh Mike Swindle 32° KCCH.

He also presented Scottish Rite patents to Kyle Gammon 32° KSA and Jon Hill 32° who were members of our Summer 2022 Reunion.

L-R: Brad Phillips, Kyle Rowe, and Mike Swindle

L-R: Brad Phillips, Kyle Gammon, and Jon Hill