What is a Reunion?

A Scottish Rite Reunion is a reunion of the membership after a period of separation. It is a homecoming get-together of the brethren in a continuing fellowship of the Fraternity. It is a time of renewing out interest and devotion to the program and purpose of the Scottish Rite.

The Conferral of Degrees

The conferral of degrees in the Scottish Rite is quite different from the first Three Degrees you received in your local Blue Lodge.

  • Conferral happens during a Reunion
  • In our Valley we traditionally offer Reunions twice a year
    • Two-Day Reunion in the Spring (13 degrees conferred)
    • One-Day Reunion in late Summer (5 mandatory degrees conferred)
  • Degrees are conferred as theatrical events before candidates as an audience rather than as a participatory ceremony
  • These theatrical presentations may contain elaborate scenery and costumes

Director of Work

Hershell Wright, 33°

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