KCCH Honors

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The Supreme Council, at each biennial session, selects certain Masters of the Royal Secret to receive the Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour. This honor is bestowed in a Ceremonial of Investiture and is in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or in public life to the principles taught in the Degrees. It is not a “half degree” or an assurance of future honors. Knights Commander of the Court of Honour may be identified by their red caps.


32°, KCCH Invested
James Harry Hardwick 1973
Joe Fox Wofford 1977
Rufus Alton Thomas 1993
Johnny Ray Crisler 1995
Dural Lewis Culbreath 1995
Kevin Lawrence Keyes 2001
Paul Raymond Myatt 2001
Richard Dean Kelley 2003
Jimmie Mack Ellis 2007
Donald Edward Hill 2007
Daryl Harvey Johnson 2007
Robert Mike Noles, Sr 2007
John A. Price 2007
John Merl Warnock 2007
32°, KCCH Invested
Daniel Webster Capps 2009
Billy Wayne Powell 2009
Paul Wayne Hoggard 2011
Darrell Wade Gifford 2013
Paul Hayden Craig 2015
Stanley Brady Sims 2015
Joseph Grant Kirby 2017
Curtis Lee Pace 2019
Kyle Joseph Rowe 2019
Jon Curtis Walter 2019
Colin Peter Miller 2021
Ross Alan Rainwater 2021
Michael Shannon Swindle 2021
Bill Ramsey, Jr. 2023
Barry Lynn Rudd 2023